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[17 Jan 2015|05:32pm]

First of all. This journal belongs to a multi system group of people but is technically run by the physical host. We like to add people everyone in a while. This post is just about her and what she likes. If you have any questions about us, please read our profile before adding. Thanks!


My name is Kristina and I am 32 years. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and fur family as well. I mostly like to write about spiritual and soulbonding but occasionally off-line stuff too. I have a lot of off-line support now but I still enjoy connecting with people on Livejournal. If I rub off on you the wrong way, I apologize but my profile is very blunt and honest though.
Besides that.

I'm huge into fandom. I don't write FanFiction as much anymore but I do still love to support my series. Modern shows I enjoy are Sleepy Hollow, the Blacklist , Person of Interests, R,L Stine's : A Haunting Hour, NCIS, and Helix Once Upon A Time. I still really likeLaw and Order : S.V.U, FRIENDS, Are You Afraid of the Dark? MAd About You, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars. I also love cartoons and anime plus manga. I'm from the 80's 90's branch era but I'm trying to get caught up on stuff.

Music includes Amy Lee/Evanescence, Hans Zimmer, Owl City, Josh Gorban, the Fray, Colm Wilkinson, Goo Goo Dolls, David Bowie, Elviss, Frank Sinatra, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Sting, Coldplay.
Musicals: the Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, most Disney movies, Into the Woods (stage) , Pans Labyrinth,the Conspirator, Now You SeeMe, Jurassic Franchise Series, Planet of the Apes Franchise Series, Indiana Jones Franchise Series, the Goonies, Somewhere In Time, Labyrinth.

I won't lie I love to read books. I'm really into the Divergent Series,the Program and the Treatment by Suzanne Young ), the Middle Earth World on a whole, V.C.Andrews. Rex Stout, the Face on the Milk Cartoon Series, Holly Black, the Silver Metal Lover.

There are a whole bunch more books I love to read but I feel I should only squeeze in so much.

I don't really know what I would call myself spiritually but I have friends from all walks of life though. I enjoy reading tarot and oracle decks and working with energy.

I go through spurts with LiveJournal . Sometimes I/we post a lot and other times we don't. We've been busy lately and it's just been busy but we hope to post more in the future again.
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[26 Dec 2013|12:43am]


I am a long term Livejournaller - as you can see I have been around since 2003!
Anyway, I am always looking for interesting people to chat to on LJ!

I am 33, engaged to Steve, I have a total of 5 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theatre, film&TV production, and teaching. I work part time as an in-house supply teacher of drama at a local "posh" secondary school where I have worked for the past 4 years, I also work as an actress and "real person" (not a wafer) model, run my own theatre company, and generally zoom round with a chaotic but great life.
I live in a small fishing town on the Southwest coast of England.

I am not exactly what you expect of a 30-something English female, I am an utter tomboy, even my nonconconformist friends find me whacky, I am an extrovert, and an unashamed "luvvie".

I love all kinds of stuff: history (accepted and speculative), science (accepted and specualtive), performing arts (obviously), period and gothic clothing, nature, photography, music of a wide variety of genres (except modern pop/ rap - eeek!), the paranormal, past lives, politics (I am more than a slight leftie, hehe), comparative religions, scifi, fantasy, otherkin, medieval stuff, films (period/ historical/ scifi/ dystopian / fantasy), I dont watch much TV but I love Game of Thrones and Spartacus, organic gardening when I have the time, survival skills, costuming, being silly, going out with my mad friends on mad costumed escapades (one of our recent oens was to go and see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in costume, and before the film we turned the beach into a Hunger Games arena and those of us costumed as "Tributes"- yes including me- had a battle to the bitter end), classical and historical literature, antique books, swimming in the sea, dreams, high elves, LARP, living history, martial arts, combat-based stunting (which I do for theatre and film).

Fandoms: Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Spartacus, Tolkien, Robyn Young, Les Miserables...

Things that irritate me beyond words: slavishly-blind conformity, commercialism, "cant do" attitudes, racism, people picking internet arguments about nothing, facism, cities, enclosed spaces, plastic bag rustling noises, people who think it is clever to put others down, our government, effort-avoidance, being told that because I like costuming I should like hentai, dishonest people, and willful ignorance.

Livejournal habits
I am around a lot, but of late it has been sporadic - sometimes I post three times in a day (especially if catching up) and other times nothing for a week. This is because of the rather mad nature of my theatrical career. Earlier this year I wrote and directed a theatre show which went utterly huge, landed out-of-the-blue offer sponsorship from London for a second run, with West End noises and a film in the offing. I was off LJ for two-three weeks with that, I did explain why I would be away from LJ for a few weeks upfront, but that caused a lot of people to defriend me.
Please be aware I do have a busy life and I have not abandoned LJ in literally 10 years, but there may be times with a busy theatre and modelling year ahead, and the film starting based on my theatre show, that I may not be around for a week or two. I WILL be back! I respect that other people have lives outside of their computers, and ask for the same respect.
I read the friends list whenever on LJ, and leave comments, whenever I have anything to say, whether that comment be a saga, or a short sentence.

Friends I am looking for
I really cant care less about your age, gender, religion, nationality, sexuality or anything like that.
What I do care about is that you are a sincere friendly person.

If that is cool, send me a message, or comment here,
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[27 Sep 2010|02:07pm]


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Anyone out there? [08 Apr 2010|09:18am]

Hey... I'm Valerie.  30 years old, single mom, Cleveland, Ohio.... I've been on LJ for a long, long time.. but I'm looking to add some new friends, get to know some new people... you know.
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Networkin' it! [16 Feb 2010|11:04am]

Hi! I'm Moira and I'm a scrap jewelry artist from the Midwest. I'm going a bit batty during the winter months, so I'm looking to expand my network of contacts with other artisans.

Please take a peek at my journal and see if I'm add-worthy. *grin* I promise to add you back!
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[07 Dec 2009|09:48pm]

Hi there! I'm back on LJ after a long hiatus and losing interest in my old journal. I intend to change all that with this new journal. As the holiday season falls upon us and as my creativity progresses, I believe I've expanded my journal pretty well in the last month or so.

I'm looking for friends who'd be interested in the same things I am and would leave a comment every now and then when they feel so inclined. I like reading about all sorts of things - even if you think your life is boring, I'll probably still find something to say about it!

I am:
...from Pennsylvania
...26-years old
...a single (bisexual, though I prefer men) female (not really looking though)
...a huge fan of Drew Sarich, Matthew Gray Gubler and C. Thomas Howell
...a fan of Criminal Minds, Dexter, House M.D., Six Feet Under, Rome, Mystery Science Theater 3000, V and many others
...a starving artist (writer) always seeking inspiration, a muse, anything!
...interested in making icons, graphics, banners, etc.
...a lover of musicals and theatre!
...an on-again off-again World of Warcraft player
...the proud owner of two cute cats and a stupid dog
...interested in people and things of all sorts, especially unique and/or creative/artsy-fartsy types
...sarcastic, dry, "dark"/morbid
...almost always at home due to chronic knee problems and seizures
...terrified of clowns
...made of skin and bones so I hate cold weather

And of course there's plenty more info on my profile page and most of my entries are public! If you have some things in common or just want to add me, then feel free, please comment and I'll most likely add you back.

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Hi, it's been a while! (Cross Posted) [23 Oct 2009|04:20am]

Shows I've shot recently. I've been so busy I'm actually just gonna list the bands and not go into depth like I used to do. If you'd like to see more of my photos from these groups or others please go to www.shutter16.com. Some of the bands I interviewed as well. Hope you like them. Oh and side note some are photojournalist photos as they have to be and some I was just having plain old fun with some techniques. Six years of this I get bored with the same old same old. Also, anyone use a Canon 50D? Any complaints. I'm about to sink a few grand into lenses and want a fairly good but not over the top Body. Canon 5D Mark II is the other choice but I'm not really needing a Full Frame just yet. Suggestions welcome, also what lenses do you use?

Bands are Metallica, Lamb of God, In Flames, Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, August Burns Red

Lamb of God
Lamb of God  10/18/09

Lamb of God 10/18/09

Metallica 10/18/09

In Flames

In Flames

Between The Buried and Me
Between The Buried and Me

See the rest of the photosCollapse )
I've also shot in the past few months : Evergreen Terrace, Emmure , The Disco Biscuits, Collective Soul, Sister Hazel, Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, and Behemoth and many many more. I'll post more of that stuff later on. Oh and I shot Helltrash and Ventana (Mushroomhead's side project last night). Again, hope you like something!
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[04 Jun 2009|01:04pm]

Hi, my name's Dewayne, "D" if you want to get to know me. I'm 20, and working on becoming the father of my own genre of rap. I'm currently working with Reason 4, though I'm just getting started learning to produce good, quality music. It's a dream of mine to someday move people with my message, and I will continue working towards it no matter the obstacles I face. I try to keep my lyrics meaningful, and preferably if possible, motivational. My own personal tastes range greatly across every genre, I believe not listening to something because of the genre, or public opinion is nothing more than an easy way to miss out on great music. I'm also pretty big on Philosophy, because self-improvement is a constant journey for me. It also wouldn't be very fair if I didn't warn; I'm a gamer and a kid at heart. No matter how much life toughens us up, I believe it's important to maintain your youth.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw

I'm looking for friends, conversationalists who are open-minded, and willing to share and discuss opinions without the pressure of "which one is right." Life's too short for confrontation.

Just leave a comment on my journal and introduce yourself, if you want to chat.
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Website Admin/Dollhouse Miniaturist/Writer/Reader/Teacher [02 Jun 2009|07:17pm]

Hi. I'm stressed about uni (teaching degree), and I need some new people to talk to who won't mind if I have to leave after half an hour to do more essays. I'd like msn friends at the moment as I've barely had time to be on LJ lately, but at least I'm not totally incommunicado nowadays.

I like writing, websites (I have several and am always looking to network with non annoying people. So don't contact me if your blog is about your SEO expert business or something like that. Thanks), dancing (swing and ballroom) doing geeky things, reading, etc. I am excited about becoming a teacher. I would love some friends who are in my age group (I'm 23) who are into dollhouse miniatures- I can't find anyone and am lonely.

Please contact me! :)
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[02 Jun 2009|05:01pm]


my name is georgia and i am thirteen years old, which makes me small. i am blonde and young and far too fond of the internet. i have no talent and my future so far comprises of me marry a filthy rich man who i am completely unattracted to and the endless photography of my legs and friends.
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Online photojournalism project :) [30 May 2009|06:59am]

I'd really love to promote this comm I sort of set up on my other account. It's a comm that takes its cue from projects like PostSecret where art and photojournalism are used to express people's opinions anonymously. The spin is that the comm focuses on certain issues mostly dealing with discrimination and all. For the first pic submission, the project is a pro-gay marriage photo petition where people paint one thumbnail black (reference to American Idol Kris Allen's kick awesome friendship with Adam Lambert which, IMO, epitomizes the ideals of acceptance, love and understanding) and take a picture with text expressing their stand on equal rights for all sexual orientations! This is in response to the current event, prop 8. I'd LOVE IT if you could check it out and maybe even join :) antihate_ftw

Everyone's singing about how
change is gonna come,
but it's all going to come and go
unless we take it and claim it as our own.
We were put on this seemingly mad world
simply to make everyone feel our love,
so it's about time we come together
and show the rest of humanity
that we are truly the champions :)

Sample submissionCollapse )

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix
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Add? [29 Mar 2009|09:50pm]

My name is Laffor. Strange name, I know. I'm Italian, but I live in Latin America. I'm 24 years old. I never had the chance to go to college until this year. I started college a week ago. I'm studying to became an English translator so I thought it would be a good idea to have a journal in English to practice a little. I love to read and write, though I'm not very good at it.

I'm a Twilight fan. A TV fan (Lost, CSI, Smallville, Bones, etc). A Movie fan (too many to list).

Just leave a comment here: http://laffor.livejournal.com/713.html
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[22 Mar 2009|04:48pm]

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[12 Mar 2009|04:26pm]


My name is Jodie and I'm looking for new and interesting friends to keep me amused in work.
I think I'm pretty weird.
I don't tend to use capital letters. Ever.
My journal is full of pictures of everything and anything.
I write garbage, garbage and more garbage.
I live in Ireland and I'm 21 years old.

If your interested please do add away!

: )

Read more...Collapse )
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ending in HOURZ [11 Mar 2009|05:35pm]

no bids--be the first!

this military jacket has ribbon trim epaulettes. what could be cuter?
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[17 Jun 2008|09:45am]

Hi. My name is Olivia, I'm 20, and I spend my free time writing, acting, and taking anti-anxiety medication. Those things are mostly what I post about. I have friends on LJ but not the kind of friends you share your writing (or acting, or prescriptions) with, so I keep them in a separate journal. For this journal I thought I'd take a look around here.

If you're involved in your local indie theatre scene, or you sometimes get scenes or conversations playing themselves out in your head until you grab a pen or a computer keyboard and start transcribing them, or you're into cyberpunk/scifi/slice-of-life fiction/streams of consciousness -- or if maybe the thought of leaving the apartment sometimes paralyzes you with a panicky hatred of the world -- I'd love to hear what you've got to say. Drop me a flist add!

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artwork in contest [17 Jun 2008|10:29am]

Feel free to cast a vote [if you wish] ^_^ Thanks!
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[17 Mar 2008|09:22am]

Feel free to join art_related - dedicated to sharing useful 'art related' info/ links - art tips & techniques, art news, art questions, guide to buying art supplies etc.. and much more..
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[14 Mar 2008|11:16am]


I'm just an aspiring [novice] artist.. and i'm still trying to find my way thru the many roads i'm exploring..

hopefully i'll be able to create & share some new stuff soon.

In the meantime, feel free to add the_art_journal  to watch works in progress

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Hello! [10 Mar 2008|10:42pm]

Hello I'm new here! I was trying to find a cool community to post my latest Vid in and this seemed like the perfect one. My name is Amanda I'm 23 from New England and I made this short video with my boyfriend and partner in crime. Basically we took all sorts of odd and funny video clips from over the years and animated them together and composed a little techno diddy to go along. I'd love to hear what yo guys think!

Frankenbeat - Watch more free videos
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