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Online photojournalism project :)

I'd really love to promote this comm I sort of set up on my other account. It's a comm that takes its cue from projects like PostSecret where art and photojournalism are used to express people's opinions anonymously. The spin is that the comm focuses on certain issues mostly dealing with discrimination and all. For the first pic submission, the project is a pro-gay marriage photo petition where people paint one thumbnail black (reference to American Idol Kris Allen's kick awesome friendship with Adam Lambert which, IMO, epitomizes the ideals of acceptance, love and understanding) and take a picture with text expressing their stand on equal rights for all sexual orientations! This is in response to the current event, prop 8. I'd LOVE IT if you could check it out and maybe even join :) antihate_ftw

Everyone's singing about how
change is gonna come,
but it's all going to come and go
unless we take it and claim it as our own.
We were put on this seemingly mad world
simply to make everyone feel our love,
so it's about time we come together
and show the rest of humanity
that we are truly the champions :)

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix
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