longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in creativefriends,

Website Admin/Dollhouse Miniaturist/Writer/Reader/Teacher

Hi. I'm stressed about uni (teaching degree), and I need some new people to talk to who won't mind if I have to leave after half an hour to do more essays. I'd like msn friends at the moment as I've barely had time to be on LJ lately, but at least I'm not totally incommunicado nowadays.

I like writing, websites (I have several and am always looking to network with non annoying people. So don't contact me if your blog is about your SEO expert business or something like that. Thanks), dancing (swing and ballroom) doing geeky things, reading, etc. I am excited about becoming a teacher. I would love some friends who are in my age group (I'm 23) who are into dollhouse miniatures- I can't find anyone and am lonely.

Please contact me! :)
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