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creativefriends's Journal

Creative Friends
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This community is for creative free-thinkers who want to make more interesting and unique friends.

Whether you fancy yourself a painter, author, photographer, songwriter, graphics designer, musician, actor, mangaka, dancer, fashion designer, filmmaker, singer...this place is for you! Here you can post your creations or just talk about what you do, and make awesome friends while you're at it!

Introduce yourself! Comment on people's entries! Participate, and we'll all have a better time!
★ If you are posting a large picture, please put it under an LJ-cut.
★ Do not make rude comments about anyone's work! Constructive critisism, when appropriate, is fine..but don't start telling people rude things about what they do.
★ Keep an open mind. This is a free-thinking community, people!
★ Have fun, show us what you can do, and make friends!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact naelledotnet.